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Disabled Elevators

Disabled Elevators are used for persons with disabilities in order to climb the stairs or similar heights easily. These type of elevators are produced in the form of ladder or platform which makes easy to go up and down the stairs between These types of elevators are generally used in homes, hotels and villas.

General Features Of Disabled Elevators:-
Diffrent varities according to the types of stairs
Can be produced in desirable size, color & shape.
Provides buttons on the elevator as well as in the case companion is not availaible.
Can be fitted in indoors & outdoors

Elevators prices are effectively changed according to the selection of specific features. If you want panoramic elevators, request a offer from the companies by filling out the request form completely. In this way, you can get the best price deal from elevator companies according to your needs.

In order to avoid problems after purchasing, routine maintenance of your elevator should be done by professionals. Maintenance warranty is provided by the company during purchase. Therefore, the purchased elevator maintenance must be done during the warranty period.

Please note that the elevator has an average 2-year warranty. If you are looking for any other services, provide a detailed explanation about your needs in the offer request form so that companies will return quotes based on your requested offer via e-mail.