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Fortune Lifts is one of the industry leaders in manufacturing all type of elevators and Escalators for Individual Residential buildings, Industries, Multi-storey Apartments, Hotels, Hospitals etc., We master in creating and delivering personalized and customized Elevators and Escalators as per our customer requirement. Our Engineering team of experts in fitting the Elevators and Escalator system with the highest safety control measures in highly sophisticated, modernized, Energy efficient and compact manner.

All our products are highly valued and appreciated by our clients because of its outstanding work efficiency, easy operations, capabilities, long service life, and less maintenance. We use the latest, and the best technologies and techniques to design and manufacture our whole products line. Our products range finds its wide applications in many different industries like automobile, electrical and electronics, construction, textiles, warehouses, etc.

At Fortune lifts we provide the complete range of Elevators. We take it as a mission to meet all quality requirements, safety precaution and control systems with the latest components like Gear Box, Duty Motors, Driving Sheaves, Crams ( made of Wood, M.S., S.S., Gold Plated, etc.,) Over-speed Governors, Door, Locking System, Micro Processor Controllers, Guide Rails etc.,

Our vision is to make the feel people safe with the best technology to assist

Our understanding in different building types and its purposes comes from a strong data collection of the customer needs and build high quality lift system at better prices with no compromise on safety. We understand lifts and Elevators are used for different purposes and the impact it has on the flow of people in the surrounding environment. We guarantee our customers that three E’s are always taken into consideration in a project. Ease, Effectiveness and Experience.

We are experts in manufacturing and implementing

  • Disabled Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Food Elevators
  • Fright Elevators
  • Goods Elevators
  • Hydraulic Elevators
  • Machine-room-less Elevators (MRL)
  • Panoramic Elevators
  • Passenger Elevators
  • Stretcher Elevators
  • Transport Elevators

Services & Maintainance

Fortune Lift undertakes regular preventive maintenance of all Types and all Makes of elevators. Fortune Lift has earned solid reputation over years for its effective after sales service through professional Maintenance concepts. The Company has well trained and experienced Engineers who always endeavour to achieve zero break down. The elevators are assigned to Technicians through smart route wise planning, supervised by Team Leaders & Customer Service Executives.

This team will effectively take care of routine preventive maintenance and also will attend to call backs within very short span of time. All our Branch offices and service centres are equipped with optimum level of spares required. There are regular training conducted for the Technicians, Team Leaders and Engineers on Safety & skills up-gradation. The centralised monitoring system at HO will analyse history of call backs from each elevator and provide suitable suggestion and corrective measures to our Customers.


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